ASTRA is a global supply chain service provider dedicated to providing service excellence to brands and retailers in long-term partnerships. We offer the following services: social audit, quality audit, product inspection, and supply chain management solutions. We improve long-term process performance along the supply chain.

We guarantee confidence, competency and high quality.

Brands and retailers increasingly rely on efficient supply chains to maintain their competitive edge in the global market. Our local presence in major sourcing countries allows us to provide our customers with reliable and accurate information regarding all areas of the supply chain. Our hands-on, on the ground experience enables us to offer advice in terms of risk management, ensure reliability, and enhance transparency along the supply chain.

Our services are based on three main pillars, which are founded on our proprietary technology.

Inspection Services

Our inspection services ensure product specification compliance before shipment. The choice of service level is yours: from in-process to final, on-site at the manufacturing facility or at our own inspection centres, random sample checks or 100% item by item inspection. Our experienced inspectors record all deviations using our unique smart system, which delivers the inspection report to you instantly.

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Audit Services

Greater transparency on supplier performance is essential for selecting the right supplier, as well as, driving continuous performance improvement. Our local audit team help to assess your supplier in term of quality management and social responsibility. In practice this means that your suppliers are risk-assessed before supply begins and major problems are identified at the initial screening stage. We help identify issues in the supply chain which you should focus on.

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Supply Chain Services

To enhance traceability and visibility in your supply chain, to facilitate your supply chain management, our professional experts find the right IT-based solutions for you to manage your supply chain from production development, order management to process advancement. Our self-developed online platform offers end-to-end supply chain visibility and workflow solutions covering order and supplier management, online documents and performance control.

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