Mobile Inspection App


We are among the first few companies that developed and make use of mobile tablets to empower our product quality inspectors to conduct inspections. Our inspectors are highly qualified and experienced; our system saves them tremendous time to truly focus on product quality but not the procedural routine.

Every company has a different quality standard and rules. These different quality requirements are easily set in our mobile app. The system is accordingly guiding our inspectors through the inspection steps to ensure none of the requirements will be overlooked.

Recording inspection result is as simple as tabbing through the app. Of course, we still need the professional expertise of our inspectors and they can easily leave comments to each inspection.

Our system also has a smart logic in place, that it is possible to tighten the quality control level of inspections if past inspection results have shown sign of quality problems with the production line.


  • Real-time information on inspection, giving you the competitive advantage on business statuses
  • Reducing the manual work with inspections and improving the efficiency
  • Providing comprehensive and professional reports instantly with inspection result and detailed findings

Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about how our system can support you.