01 Astra Training program

Astra offers a comprehensive training program with various modules at different stages along the audit cycle.

Pre-audit Visit
Factory Audit
Cap Follow-up Visit
Individual Training session
Factory Re-Audit

We developed our tools based on our longstanding market knowledge and experience. This provides you with a deep insight into the readiness of your factory for the upcoming audit or the remediation progress made after an audit has been conducted.

Depending on individual requests we can set up tailor-made training sessions in order to focus on particular areas in need of improvement. This support assists your factory in working towards the next audit requirements. High transparency in this process helps you to monitor progress closely and enables you to share improvements with clients and stakeholders. Our experienced team gives you guidance, shares best-practices and up-to-date market information with you.

02 Pre-audit visit

Astra will explain the audit program, requirements and processes in a compact way.

We efficiently deliver the key information and facts about important areas so the factory will have a good understanding of what to focus on.

Having a close contact to the factories, we can deliver the key information and important areas efficiently so you know where you should focus on. Visiting the factory and talking to the operational audit teams in the factory, we also gain a good understanding about the general set up, processes and and various systems. We will share our impressions of the readiness of the upcoming audit. The factory can review their timeline and the targeted audit program according to our comments. A report and corrective action plan is issued afterwards and can be informed to the relevant parties so actions can be taken in a timely manner.

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03 CAP follow up visit

This module assists factories in their remediation progress.

Audits are conducted in a compact way and timeframe, leaving the factories with a number of corrective actions to be taken. This can be overwhelming at times. During our CAP follow up visit we confirm on-site that the corrective actions and expected improvements are well understood by the factory management and we record the progress made towards completion.

A check done by a third party such as Astra is beneficial to confirm that implementation is on the correct path to avoid possible negative impacts during the next audit.

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04 Individual Training session

The factory can request an individual training session based on their needs.

Either the factory requests training for a specific area of concern or Astra identifies clear weaknesses after a pre-audit or CAP follow up visit – we then offer and conduct a training session for this particular topic.

A training is a tailor-made in-depth session to support factories with practical guidance and best practice solutions.

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05 Seminar

We offer seminars covering a variety of topics such as social aspects, environmental issues or product knowledge.

Seminars include up-to-date topics with professional, market experienced speakers beneficial for all participants.

Topics are being selected based on popular requests and interests as well as up-to-date market information.

Seminar Detail

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